"Only those who have the courage to change something will never be a failure" (D.Papenkordt, 2010)


You have decided to study at a state university or university of applied sciences after graduating from high school - but you have realized that a theoretical study is just not the right way for you? You find it difficult to motivate yourself in the morning to go to the lectures and if you only think about the next exams, you lose your desire?

Then summon up your courage and do what is best for you and your future.

You think you have no alternative and have to "go through" it now, because dropping out is not looked upon favorably in the curriculum vitae and social conventions do not consider it "good" if you "only" do an apprenticeship and don't go to university?

Leave all the doubts aside, dare to change something - it's all about you and what you think is right! We know how hard this decision is, we really do! At the bottom of the page we have provided you with a testimonial from one of our employees. There you can read if you are in a similar situation or if you find yourself in one or the other place.

We have been training apprentices for 25 years now, and during this time we have had the pleasure of successfully launching around 50 apprentices into the working world who had previously tried out a different path.

We don't want to sound arrogant, but we know what we are talking about and what you need to start your new life with full motivation. We will take your previous qualifications and start exactly there, in order to offer you, if possible, the training that will make you fulfilled and happy.

Apply today and start your training with us in 2022! You just have to have the courage - then we are your partner.

Field report on dropping out of university


A discontinuation can also be a new beginning at the same time....

We could tell you a lot about why an apprenticeship is better than your current studies, or encourage you to change something, but we just want to let someone tell you their own story - maybe you'll discover something in common here and there.

We'll be discreet and not name names, but we will tell you that the story comes from a current poe employee:

"Like many, I graduated from high school and the question I was always asked, by teachers, relatives and acquaintances, was only one "What do you want to study after your high school diploma and do you already know where?". That put me under enormous pressure, because honestly - I had no idea.

So I left for the time being. I spent a year getting to know new things and simply put the big question of the future on the back burner.

Well, a year like that goes by quickly, and I found myself in exactly the same place in life as I had been right after graduating from high school: What am I going to do now? For those around me, it was clear that with a high school diploma, you study. So I studied the offers of the nearby universities and informed myself about subjects that sounded interesting to me - at least I knew that I wanted to go into business. The applications worked out great and I was already enrolled as a student. I started my studies highly motivated and my family was also "proud".

The lectures were dry and felt like half an eternity - I knew that from my school days and found it normal. I found it harder and harder to motivate myself and go to lectures - because let's face it, at university no one cares if you attend or not. The first exam period was coming up and I just felt a strong malaise. I was afraid of the exams - afraid of "failing" and that people wouldn't be as proud of me if I did.

But what's the alternative? Give up? Cancel? That was out of the question for me. Often enough, you've heard that you can't have a dropout on your resume, otherwise you'll never find anything again and your career will be over before it even begins. No way! That's not an option. So I struggled and pushed through 4 semesters, getting sadder and unhappier each semester.

At some point I got all my courage together and talked to my family about it. I said that I didn't want to study anymore, that all this theory just wasn't for me and I couldn't motivate myself to go to university anymore.

And who would have thought it - I got encouragement and together we decided to look for an apprenticeship. And that's when I came across poe. I applied, and very importantly, I was honest about it. You could already see in my resume that I had dropped out of college, and I also mentioned it in my cover letter so as not to give the feeling that I was hiding something. I couldn't believe it at first when I actually received an invitation to a personal interview - and let me tell you: I was so excited and nervous.

But what the heck - I mustered up all my courage, dressed casual-chic as mentioned in the invitation and drove to Büren. At the interview, the question about having dropped out of college came up pretty quickly, and I answered it honestly: "I miss practical work, and I realized that the educational course of study just isn't for me." I was excited to see what the reaction would be, but it was completely unnecessary. I was shown understanding and I couldn't have felt more comfortable.

Long story short - I started and successfully completed my training at poe and no further lesson felt like half an eternity. To this day, I enjoy going to work every day.

In conclusion, I can only say that dropping out of my studies and training at poe was the best decision I could have made.

I was always motivated and challenged. My strengths were recognized and used in a targeted manner. I was given the chance I needed and I was brave and took it."

Be brave too and take your chance! Apply today.