Professional POS solutions & ERP - made in germany

"Stop wishing - start doing" - more than just a slogan

poe is an agile software development company with very modern products and innovative solutions. We develop ERP, automation management and POS software solutions for retail under the product names TRADEMAN and POSMAN. Software made in Germany is our claim to quality. For us, software made in Germany is not a blanket advertising statement - we live the claim that is associated with it. While our market companions deal with new modules and functions, we develop software solutions to automate processes and workflows with maximum quality. We can only devote ourselves to new challenges if our software meets the requirements of our customers! We are not on the hunt for customers with the largest possible number of licenses at the cheapest price, but on the lookout for partners with individual requirements and the goal of long-term cooperation at eye level.

poe close up

Come and take a look behind the scenes. Get to know our colleagues and see how we work as a team.


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History - poe then to now

Hava a look when the poe put down its roots and what has happened since then!