Our commitment to the future

We are aware that each of us leaves an ecological footprint. This indicates how many hectares of forest, pasture, arable land and sea area are needed to renew the resources consumed and absorb the waste products created. If you look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it becomes clear how important the issue is.  

Since sustainability is an essential part of our corporate philosophy, we now want to help shape it in a tangible way. Instead of purchasing eco-certificates or virtual trees, we are financing the replanting of an entire forest area on our doorstep.

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If you take a look at the term sustainability, you will see that it was even coined in forestry about 300 years ago. A good forest farmer can only harvest as much wood as is replanted. Today we know how much electricity and other resources POS systems really consume. For this reason, we have made a conscious decision to plant trees: The lifetime of a tree offsets all the CO2 emissions that occur during the entire production, operation and disposal process of a POS system, including the hardware used.                                       

For a successful start, we will plant 1,000 trees (mixed forest) on an area devastated by hurricanes as a first step. We dedicate the first 500 trees to our customers who have accompanied us in our development over the past years. Thank you again for this! All further trees will be dedicated to new contracts for POSMAN software licences. 

So you don't have to travel abroad to visit your tree and you can be sure that the trees are really planted. In this region you can go hiking and enjoy nature. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the Freiherr von und zu Brenken.

"Stop wishing - start doing" - more than just our slogan

The poe is an agile software development company with very modern products and innovative solutions. Under the product names TRADEMAN and POSMAN we develop ERP, automation management and POS software solutions for the retail industry. Software made in Germany is our claim to quality. For us, software made in Germany is not a blanket advertising statement - we live the claim that is associated with it. While our competitors are busy with new modules and functions, we develop software solutions to automate processes and workflows at maximum quality. Only if our software meets the demands of our customers, we can dedicate ourselves to new challenges! We are not on the hunt for customers with the largest possible number of licenses at the cheapest price, but are looking for partners with individual requirements and the goal of long-term cooperation at eye level.

Alone we are strong, together unbeatable

Just one superhero does not make a team - our success is based on around 30 reliable superheroes from software development and organisation, service & support and sales. They put all their superpowers together when things get serious. The cooperation is characterised by courage, individual perspectives, different age groups and cultural diversity. Suggestions are used to further develop their own superpowers and to be able to act as a team in a more coordinated manner. Our work always focuses on the quality and satisfaction of our clients.

But even superheroes have time off now and then, and some of it is spent together. We are not only on the same wavelength at work and this is reflected in all areas.

Company presentation

In this video we give you an insight behind the scenes of poe. What do our offices look like, who is hiding behind the various departments, who actually does what?

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Maximum automation - the "one click" strategy

Our software products in the areas of POS, store management and ERP are designed for national and international chain stores. We customise our software solutions exactly to your needs in order to provide you with maximum automation effects. No matter whether you want to integrate our software solutions as a complete solution or modularly as an integration into an existing ERP environment: We do it with one click.

If you are looking for the "more" and not the simple standard, then we are the right contact for you. Other software manufacturers deal with modules, we deal with the maximum possible automation of processes.

Stop wishing - start doing is not just our slogan, we live the courage to change it. Give us the impulse and we will implement the desired workflow in a "one click" strategy.

Our company history - the timeline

Here you can see when the poe took root and everything that has happened since then!