Alone we are strong, together we are unbeatable

Just one superhero doesn`t make a team - our success is based on about 30 reliable superheroes from software development and organization, service & support and sales. These combine all their superpowers when the going gets tough. The cooperation is characterized by courage, individual perspectives, different age groups and cultural diversity. Suggestions are used to further develop one's own superpowers and to be able to act as a team. The quality standards and the satisfaction of our customers are always the focus of our work.

But even superheroes have a break from time to time and some of that is also spent together. We are not only on the same wavelength when it comes to work, and that is reflected in all areas.

Events, cohesion & fun

What makes our team special is the cohesion and the fun we have together. Not only during work, but also in our free time we like to spend hours together and we never miss out on having fun. In the following pictures we give you a little insight into these beautiful moments.