Our service - from planning to roll-out

Our services are as individual as our software solutions. We tailor the procedure of our product launches and the necessary services precisely to your needs and develop a schedule with you that we will implement successfully. To do this, we use our specially developed QITTS method and simply make use of the necessary modules. Only together can transformations be implemented successfully and on schedule.

To create the basis for the project's success, we involve your employees who are involved in the processes already during the presentations and concept workshops. Only if we involve your employees in all processes at an early stage, we get all requirements and needs for a top qualification. By integrating your employees at an early stage in this QITTS phase, we succeed in taking up the ideas of your employees in order to inspire them for the next steps. With the results and joint elaborations, we make your vision visible.

Based on the concepts developed, the settings and adaptations of our standards desired by you are discussed and documented in a setup meeting. If you do not require a concept workshop because you do not have any requirements that deviate from the standard, the setup meeting serves to set up your individual software solutions. Topics such as the design of the touch layout with corresponding functionalities, the definition of payment methods or rights management create the framework and ease of use for your users. All options available in the standard are discussed with you in detail to ensure a smooth start.


We install a test and reference system for you so that you have the opportunity to test all functions in detail.

If topics are identified during the concept workshop that go beyond our standards, these are gradually implemented as individual developments and made available in your test environment.

The fine-tuning and the desired customizing are carried out directly on the test system and can now be fully tested by you.


To ensure a smooth start with the new TRADEMAN and POSMAN systems, we integrate the TRADEMAN merchandise management system and the POSMAN cash register system at your premises. With the subsequent training, we put your key users in a position to operate the systems independently and to instruct the operating staff optimally.


After training your key users, we install and commission your live environment. With the data transfer of the master data, your TRADEMAN and POSMAN system is immediately ready for use. If you wish, we can carry out the complete roll-out in your branches. Live operation can now begin successfully.



In addition to the test phase, you have the option of making use of our stabilisation phase - we will also accompany you after going live. Your subsequent change requests or adjustments are carried out at short notice during this stabilisation phase. The conclusion of the stabilisation phase is equivalent to a final acceptance.