Our commitment to the future

We are aware that each of us leaves an ecological footprint. This indicates how many hectares of forest, pasture, farmland and sea area are needed to renew the resources consumed and absorb the waste products produced. If you look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it becomes clear how important the topic is.

Since sustainability is an essential part of our corporate philosophy, we now want to help shape it in a tangible way. Instead of purchasing eco-certificates or virtual trees, we finance the replanting of an entire forest area on our doorstep.

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Anyone who deals with the term sustainability will find that it was coined around 300 years ago in forestry. A good forest farmer can only harvest as much wood as is grown again. Today we know how much electricity and other resources POS systems really consume. For this reason, we made a conscious decision to plant trees: the lifetime of a tree offsets all CO2 emissions that arise during the entire production, operation and disposal process of a POS system including the hardware used.

For a successful start, we will first plant 1,000 trees (mixed forest) on an area devastated by hurricanes. We dedicate the first 500 trees to our customers who have accompanied us in our development in recent years. Thank you again! We will dedicate all other trees to newly concluded contracts for POSMAN software licenses in the future.

So you don't have to travel abroad to visit your tree and you can be sure that the trees will actually be planted. In this region you can go hiking and enjoy nature. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Freiherr von und zu Brenken.