Our SOS Support

The SOS support is available to every poe customer. The service is generally subject to a charge, even for existing contracts. With our SOS support, we want to help quickly and easily in urgent emergencies, but we still have to follow a few rules.


Call acceptance flat rate 

  • one-time 200,00 € (new installation)

Each new call / call must be recorded with the necessary data and assigned in our ERP system. For this purpose, please have the following data ready:

  • Company
  • Location / Branch
  • Caller (first and last name)
  • Phone number (where we can call back directly)
  • eMail
  • Contract number (if known)

At the end of this recording / checking / assignment, you will be informed of the corresponding UHD number (User Help Desk).

The call acceptance fee already includes a working time of max. 60 minutes. If less time is required than 60 minutes, there is no entitlement to reduced billing or reimbursement!

Billing according to expenditure

All services beyond the flat-rate services included in the SOS Call will be billed at cost.

Reachability outside business hours:

  • Monday to Thursday (17:00 to 19:00)
  • Friday (15:00 till 19:00)
  • Saturday (09:00 till 16:00)

All services can only be provided on working days, excluding all public holidays in NRW.

Services for processing the call within poe business hours will be charged at the current service prices, unless they are part of an existing contract.

Phone number SOS Support: +49 (2951) 98490-505


SOS services

All prices are net / net plus VAT. Technical changes and errors excepted. Price list as of 01.07.2022
Days Accessibility Price per half hour
Monday to Thursday 17:00 to 19:00 95,00 €
Friday 15:00 to 19:00 95,00 €
Saturday 09:00 to 16:00 95,00 €

Services and availability beyond the SOS service can be agreed individually. Your contact person in account management will be happy to help you.